The End...

The end may sound sharp and bad, but its only the end of a new begging. I'm finally leaving the Grand Thief Auto scene. In the last 3+ years I've spent alot of time having fun and learning from the ones I still look up to. I've always wanted to make a mark in the scene, but seems like that won't happen. Maybe there will be some advances in the GTA Stories modding/research. I currently don't have the time or effort anymore to contuine. Thanks to the people that have manage to put up with me over the years and also to the ones that have been leading the way. Theres too many to list now, but theres a couple I would like to give a shout out to. Delfi, Camaro, Falcon, cMc Jay, cMc Jacob, Steven-M, Racer_S, Myriad Islands Team, GTA: Liberty City Team, and all the other people that I can't think of off the top of my head.

On a other note. I want to wish my best friend Dylan Hatcher a great 16th Birthday today. :D

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Anonymous said...

thanx dude you are making mods possible for psp
gta vcs im making them now you keep up that program it made it possible to mod the gta vcs on psp for me email me