Project Stero

Well my stereo receiver went out acouple of weeks ago and since then I've been thinking what I could do with it... After realizing how much I've missed my stereo I decided to turn it in to a media type of setup for my music. Well I had an old 166MHz, 82MBs of RAM, and a 20GB hard driver; which is plenty to run Linux + MP3 player with a dot matrix LCD screen to replace the original. The new dot matrix LCD screen will be used for the whole interface and should work out nicely. Well heres some pictures from the other day.

Click Here for More Pictures

Something New

Well I decided to finial get around to updating dating my blog. But before you get your hopes up of something useful, please know that there isn't. I hope to update this page here soon with what I have been working on.

The End...

The end may sound sharp and bad, but its only the end of a new begging. I'm finally leaving the Grand Thief Auto scene. In the last 3+ years I've spent alot of time having fun and learning from the ones I still look up to. I've always wanted to make a mark in the scene, but seems like that won't happen. Maybe there will be some advances in the GTA Stories modding/research. I currently don't have the time or effort anymore to contuine. Thanks to the people that have manage to put up with me over the years and also to the ones that have been leading the way. Theres too many to list now, but theres a couple I would like to give a shout out to. Delfi, Camaro, Falcon, cMc Jay, cMc Jacob, Steven-M, Racer_S, Myriad Islands Team, GTA: Liberty City Team, and all the other people that I can't think of off the top of my head.

On a other note. I want to wish my best friend Dylan Hatcher a great 16th Birthday today. :D

Small Update..

Well theres not much to talk about. I haven't had much time lately to work on my current GTA projects. I've been getting things for school lately and trying to enjoy the last couple of days of summer break with friends. If your 17 like me then you know where I'm coming from. School starts back this Monday. Which really sucks, but it shouldn't slow my progress down. I hopefully will be getting a new PSP screen in the coming month too! More updates soon and peace to the homechickens!

Current Projects and Ideas

I haven't been on in the last couple of days to due to me out having fun then getting sick. But I've been thinking about the future of GTA and PSP modding... As some of you may know before Dark_Alex left the modding scene he talked about a ISO loader in Sony's FWs 3.50 + 3.51 that could loaded encrypted ISOs. Well it just so happens that after I finish the model format decoding and the texture editor then this well be my new goal

On the note about the GTA model format I'm writing a program tonight that will help me get a grasps on all the common data in the model files...

Modding in the Air..

Well it looks like the modding didn't end yesterday. The future of GTA Stories game modding is looking brighter everyday now. Heres some more screens from AJ that he done today, expect this time with Phil Collins. and Lance Vance. Just keep them coming....
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
As always you can find more of this screens here and here for Lance.
Also something worth mentioning is what matt11504 of GTA Forums done by switching model and texture of 1 and 9.. Also another model/texture switch, picture 3...
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
Read More Here and Here..
Thanks again to all the modders that are having fun with my tool. :)

Let the Modding Begin!

Quote Aj Collins from the YAIE topic at Rockstar Watch Boards
I think I'm the first one ever to mod the stories games! As a proof of concept, I replaced Vic's army model and texture with the fireman model and texture. Dustin, you rock man!
EDIT: Turns out that this is a beta model too! The firemen that come when there is a fire are more darker than this.

This is really interesting, it shows what can be done with the GTA Stories games. I'm currently working even harder to make it easy to mod GTA Stories. Heres some screens shots that my good buddy Aj posted on Rockstar Watch Boards.