LCS IMG Extractor v1.0.1 Released

Well today I decided to release the much wanted LCS IMG Extractor Beta. I did this before school today and have enjoyed the reactions too. So have fun. The below is a quote from GTA Forums where I posted it.
Liberty City Stories .IMG Extractor Beta
Builds 1.0.1 and Up...


March 13 : Release Day
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After getting a PSP for XMas and having a under-powered computer. I decided that it would be funny to hack Libert City Stories. My first project for LCS was a BASIC stlye decompiler, but stopped working it half way dew to the rapid devlopment of Sanny's LCS SCM support. So after looking and waiting to see the next batch of hacking tools for LCS I got disappointed. Intill I started looking at the files and started to understand them.
This program is a part of a bigger program that will be used simular to Delfi's versions of TXD Workshop, which is one of my favorite tools for the GTA3 PC series. Although at the current time this program has only been test on the main PSP/PS2 image files. It currently does not read a DIR type file. Although this will be impulmented into LCS Workshop, it currently exports to file names as Unknown1.CHK, Unknown2.CHK, and so on...
I plan on releasing the source code very soon. As I belive in having an open-source community...

Either the PSP Image File, , or the PS2 Image File, .
40 MB Free RAM, or the size of the IMG. Note the twice as much memory than required will increase the speed.
Time... Do to the current process in the build it requires a good amount of time. I plan to improve the amount of time that this takes. Its due to the slower speed of Windows file reading/writing vs the Windows API version...
Visual Basic 6 Runtimes

As with most tools you just need to copy the contents of this program to your desktop or where ever. The programs does require the "Extract" Folder, and inside of the the "LDM" folder + "XET" folder.

How To Use
This pretty simple. Just drag the IMG file to the program. Or goto Windows Open With and choose the LCS Extractor exe.

Known Bugs
--Currently doesn't support compressed IMGs.
--{Fixed} Possibility that program the program may lose focus. Making the program go white although its still running and working properly. This is due to VB6 lack of priority's and support for large loops. Suggestions on how to fix this is welcomed.
--Only textures and models at this time are exported. As this are the only ones in the main file I have seen.
--Theres a chance that the program may lockup on the last file, this file be fixed ASAP.

Download Links
Dustcrazy - Rapidshare
Mirror - MoeRonimoe
Mirror - WordsBG
Mirror - PSP
Mirror - Delfi
Mirror - x3sphere of


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Thomas said...

hey any chance to send me the .img file format specs?